St. Joseph Children's Home gives children a home,

and has been doing so since 1849.

St. Joseph Children's Home: Residential Treatment Program, Therapeutic Foster Care and Adoption, Child Development Center

What does “Giving Children a Home” mean?


Children in our Residential Treatment Program playing in the Fall leaves.


The 48 children who call St. Joe’s home are between the ages of six and 14, and have already been in multiple foster homes. Our goal is to provide the children with the necessary tools to be successful in a family. Through individual treatment plans, intensive therapy, education and a normal home-like environment, children can begin the healing process. It is our mission to provide them with the life skills to move past their trauma and look forward to a brighter future. On average, children live at St. Joe’s about one year, and we have a 94 percent success rate of placing children with families.


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A forever family created by our Therapeutic Foster Care and Adoption program.


We give children a home by providing a continuum of care through our Foster Care and Adoption Program which serves children from our Residential Program as well as children of all ages, birth to teen. We currently have 50 certified families, and serve 42 children. In 2015, we served more than 200 hundred children in all three programs and created 15 forever adoptive families!


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We offer educational programs and creative curriculum in our Child Development Center.


St. Joe’s also boasts one of the best Child Development Center preschool programs in the city, which is offered to children in the general public and is a valued staple of the Crescent Hill community. Creative Curriculum, KidFit, Spanish, Music, and an excellent teacher to student ratio are all benefits of this fabulous program.


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Our goal is for the next home in our kids lives to be the final home.


Picnic VIP Tickets

Early Bird Tickets are available now for the 2016 Picnic. Enjoy the amenities of the VIP tent: Tables available including High-Tops, Chicken Dinner Buffet, Live Music, Private Blackjack, Bar Service & Potties!

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Annual Society Meeting Membership Votes in Board of Directors and Celebrates 14 Adoptions

The 2016 board of directors of St. Joseph Children’s Home was voted in unanimously by society members at the annual meeting February 7th. The meeting focused on the mission of giving children a home, and continued growth in caring for children in crisis. Executive director Grace Akers highlighted the agency’s 2015 accomplishments including the opening of the new residential cottages...

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Eat & Greet

If you would like to learn more about St. Joseph Children's Home and our mission of Giving Children a Home, join us for an Eat & Greet. Guests will attend a short information session and tour, followed by lunch with the kids. Eat & Greets are scheduled for April 26th, July 21st, and September 15th. If you would like to attend, contact Sally Walko at 502-893-0241.

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St. Joe's Picnic for the Kids, August 12 & 13, 2016

AUGUST 12–13, 2016



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