Therapeutic Foster Care and Adoption

More than 8,000 Kentucky children are in the state foster care system and that number continues to rise. These children have been removed from their homes because their parents are unable to care for them for reasons such as financial hardship, loss of employment, emotional and/or mental health and/or substance abuse. If the circumstances improve, the child may reunite with the parents, and the foster and the biological families work together for a smooth transition. In cases where the child is unable to return home, the child becomes eligible for adoption — a “forever family.”

At St. Joe’s, it is our privilege to connect a child with the right family, whether it is only temporary or their forever adoptive family. St. Joe’s provides therapeutic foster care services for children of all ages from newborns to teenagers, not just for the children in our residential treatment program, but all across Kentucky. In 2015, the program served more than 20 counties. Our dedicated staff recruits, trains and provides ongoing support for families who decide to foster a child. St. Joe’s provides rigorous screening and training to our foster families in order to find just the right placement for a child and family.

We provide ongoing individual and family therapy and support available 24/7 to the families we serve. The St. Joe’s team is like family to most of our foster children and families.

Unfortunately, the reality is that there are always more children in need than there are available foster families. St. Joe’s needs families interested in both fostering and adopting—especially those interested in sibling groups, older children, teens, children with behavior problems and children with special needs. We offer extensive training, competitive reimbursements, additional year-round support such as backpacks and school supplies, Easter baskets, summer fun supplies and Christmas support. We also have a strong social network with other families hosting events and providing supplemental support throughout the year.

Have you thought about fostering a child?
Do you have a loving home to give?

Almost anyone can foster. You can be:

  • Single or married;
  • Any race or religion;
  • Working parents, retired, stay at home moms;
  • Already parenting or have never parented.

You don’t have to be:

  • Rich. You just need enough income to care for your current family.
  • A homeowner. You simply have to have a safe home/apartment with enough room for another child.
  • A stay at home parent. You just need to be flexible enough to work with the child’s needs.

It does not cost a lot of money to be a foster parent!

  • You will receive monthly compensation per child.
  • Medical and dental expenses for the child, or children, are completely covered.
  • We assist with placement needs such as school clothes and supplies.

It has been said that fostering a child is the toughest job you’ll ever love, and the most rewarding experience a person or family can have.

Contact us today if you are interested in supporting a child in need! Call Lisa Barber-Atwell at (502) 893-0241, or e-mail at

A forever family created by our Therapeutic Foster Care and Adoption program.

“Though the role of St. Joseph’s has evolved continually over the years, this much is certain about its future—whenever children need it, St. Joseph Children’s Home will be there in some capacity, in some aspect, doing the work of the gospel, caring for young ones who need care the most. That has always been the example, the message, St. Josephs’ has given to the rest of us through its work and its people. It is a message and a mission we should always take to heart”

—Glenn Rutherford, author of Love’s Home


Our goal is for the next home in our kids lives
to be the final home, and our success rate is 94%
— the state average is only 60%.

Training and Info

Foster Care and Adoption Training
We have 4 training cycles per year. This year’s trainings are scheduled on the following dates:

1st round – Thursday evenings (6:00 – 9:00 p.m.) begins 1/14/16
2nd round – Tuesday evenings (6:00 – 9:00 p.m.) begins 4/12/16
3rd round – Thursday evenings (6:00 – 9:00 p.m.) begins 7/7/16
4th round – Tuesday evenings (6:00 – 9:00 p.m.) begins 9/20/16

We also will be offering a monthly support group on the 2nd Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m. (1 hour)

All trainings are held at St. Joseph Children’s Home, 2823 Frankfort Ave. Louisville, KY 40206. For more information please call Lisa Barber Atwell at (502) 893-0241, ext. 208 or e-mail

Information for Certification
Come learn more about the process of becoming certified as a foster parent or respite provider!! Informational meetings will be held the first Tuesday of each month at 5:45 p.m. at St. Joseph Children’s Home for those that r.s.v.p.

Information for Certified Families
Support groups are held the second Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m. Childcare is provided for those that r.s.v.p.

Upcoming Activities

Annual Foster Parent Appreciation Dinner
Thursday, May 19th

Back-to-School Bash
Tuesday, July 26th

Halloween Party
Thursday, October 27th

Christmas Party
Thursday, December 15th

Foster Care / Adoption Application

Basic requirements for therapeutic foster or adoptive parents
There are several requirements to become a prospective foster/adoptive parent. These include, but are not limited to the following:

1. Be between the ages of 21 and 65* and of an age to have naturally parented the ages requested.

2. Must be a resident of the state of Kentucky and live within 50 miles of our agency to ensure that the needed support and supervision are provided to maintain a successful placement.

3. If married, be married at least two years* and demonstrate marital stability.

4. Complete the orientation and interview process.

5. Complete criminal history check and child/spouse abuse records check.

6. Successfully complete 36 hours of pre-service training, in addition to CPR & First Aid.

7. Have an approved home-study completed by St. Joseph’s, indicating the condition of the home to ensure the health, safety, well-being, privacy and comfort of each member.

8. Be willing and able to maintain accurate daily logs detailing the child’s activities, behaviors, problems and progress.

9. Be willing and able to accept an intense level of supervision and involvement from the Foster Care Specialist. This includes being available for weekly or bi-monthly supervision, ongoing monthly training and monthly treatment team reviews. If fostering, participate in an average of 24 hours of training per year.

10. Be able to provide supervision of the child placed in their home.

* Exceptions will be made on an individual basis.

11. Have an income sufficient to meet present family needs and obligations.

12. Have a reliable vehicle, good driving record, valid driver’s license, and automobile insurance.

13. Have a plan for childcare developed prior to the time a child is placed in their home.

14. Provide a statement of health from a physician verifying that all household members are free from communicable diseases, and that the prospective adoptive/foster parents are physically able to care for a child.

15. Not be certified as a foster parent with any other agency.

16. Not have a licensed child care facility in the home.

The next step in the process is to schedule an informational meeting with Lisa Barber Atwell OR attend our monthly informative meeting, held the first Tuesday of the month at 5:45 p.m. You can reach Lisa by email at or by phone at (502) 893-0241 ext 208.

Foster Care / Adoption Application


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