St. Joseph Children’s Home provides a continuum of care to children and families in the state of Kentucky. In addition to the services we provide to children in our residential care program, the SJCH Therapeutic Foster Care and Adoption Program has been providing referral, training and ongoing support services to families interested in becoming foster or adoptive families in the state of Kentucky since 1996.

SJCH staff members have many years experience completing home studies and are eager to assist families seeking a home study to complete an independent or international adoption. Please call us for more information. Supplemental services like adoption training, post-­‐placement home visits and reports, birth parent interviews and even just updated home studies are also available from SJCH.

Except in a few specific situations, the state of Kentucky requires that all individuals interested in pursuing adoption have a home study completed by a state licensed adoption agency. The purpose of the home study is to allow the case worker to get to know the applicants and assess the family’s appropriateness for adoption. When a family inquires about a home study through St. Joseph Children’s Home, they will receive an application packet. This packet will include a detailed explanation of the home study process and a list of state required documentation such as:

• Birth Certificates
• Marriage License
• Physical Health Forms
• Background Checks
• References

After reviewing the completed application paperwork, the adoptive family should then contact SJCH for delivery and scheduling of a home visit with a case manager. The home study consists of one face to face visit in the prospective adoptive family home. The goal is to ensure and document safety in physical environment as well as getting to know the family better. During the interview process, topics of discussion will include things such as:

• Motivation to Adopt
• Personal and Family Interests
• Childhood and Educational Experiences
• Significant People in the Life of the Family
• Support Systems/Child Care Plan
• Health
• Finances/Employment
• Marital Stability
• Discipline Techniques/Philosophy
• Spiritual Views

SJCH staff members are eager to assist families seeking a home study to complete an independent or international adoption.

Kentucky/SJCH Requirements for Adoptive Families
*Applicant must be a Kentucky Resident

• Must be between the ages of 21 and 65.
• Can be married or single, but if married, must be married for a period of two years.
• Must be in good physical and mental health and provide a signed release form to discuss any health concerns with the medical provider.
• Must have their own personal source of income.
• Have no serious criminal convictions. No one with crimes against children shall be approved.
• Own or rent a home that provides a safe physical environment.

Inquiry Process
To learn more about our independent adoption services, please call:

Lisa Barber Atwell
St. Joseph Children’s Home
Assistant Director of Therapeutic Foster Care and Adoption
(502) 893-0241 #208

Celebrating milestones like graduating from school are so important in the lives of St. Joe's kids. Many have either experienced abuse during those pivotal moments or were ignored.

That's why our staff at St. Joe's go above and beyond to make days like graduation, so special. Congrats to all of our 2017 graduates! 👩🏾‍🎓👨🏻‍🎓🎉

Shout out to #wcw Ms. Katie for making such a delicious rainbow cake! 🌈✨Make a positive impact in a child's life today by applying to become a member of the St. Joe's team! Get started at

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Did you know that on average, St. Joe's kids have lived in 12 different places (i.e., foster homes, hospitals, etc.) before they come to live at St. Joe's? That kind of instability leaves our children feeling confused, sad, and lost.

Which is why it was no surprise that our youngest children chose to sing "Lost Boy" by Ruth B. this afternoon during their end of school ceremonies, leaving all those in attendance teary-eyed and inspired.

As 8 year old "Billy" explained, "This song is call 'Lost Boy' and we wanted to sing it to you today because it is very special to us. Our staff sing this song to us before bedtime and it calms us and makes us have better dreams."

During May's National Foster Care Month Campaign, you can help abused and neglected children in Kentucky achieve their fairy tale ending by learning more about St. Joe's Foster Care and Adoption program at

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Independent Adoption Home Study Fee Schedule

$2000 Home Study Narrative
Includes application, references, background checks, home visit and everything needed for initial home study report. One follow up home visit after child placed and the court report recommending finalization of adoption all inclusive.

$1000 Home Study Narrative Update
If a family has had an Independent Adoption Study Narrative completed elsewhere and a copy of the report is shared, we can provide an update for half the cost of an original.

$100 Fee for each Additional Monthly Home Visit and Report
Some states and placing agencies may require monthly updates after a child is placed up until the adoption is finalized.

$90 Training Curriculum Per Person
Some agencies and states may require adoption education. We can offer 30 hour training – 10 sessions or prorated ($9) for each particular session(s) if required. If seeking training without purchasing a home study narrative or update, the fee would be higher, at $30 a session per person.


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