A Tradition of Quilting for SJ Kids

The Ladies of St. Joe’s Sewing Society have a long tradition of serving SJ kids. For over a century, thousands of Sewing Society members have helped clothe the orphans who once inhabited St. Joe’s, and have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to support the work of the Home.

Initially founded in 1912 by two members of the Board of Trustees, Joseph Hubbach and Ben Stoesser, the creation of the Sewing Society was meant to promote the activities of the orphanage as well raise money for it, too.  Decades later, the Sewing Society continues to be an integral part of the Home’s mission. One family currently has five generations of quilters volunteering while another member, Helen Schmitt, has been a member for over 50 years!

Meeting the Needs of SJ Kids Today

Currently, members of the SJ Sewing Society volunteer at St. Joe’s two days a week making quilts and other items which are raffled at the annual St. Joe’s Picnic For the Kids. However, Picnic is not their only focus as they create and mend items for St. Joe’s kids across all programs.

For children in the Residential Treatment Program, members make every child a personalized welcome blanket when they arrive to the home. They also make unique adoption day quilts for SJ kids adopted through the Therapeutic Foster Care and Adoption Program (see pictured left). Finally, the Sewing Society makes as needed crib/cot sheets and bibs for the children in our Child Development Center.

To learn more about the Sewing Society, contact us at No sewing experience required, and you must be at least 14 years or older to join!


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