A Tradition of Quilting for St. Joe's

The St. Joseph Sewing Society has a long tradition of serving St. Joe’s kids. Established in 1912, members of the society have met regularly to quilt and sew for St. Joe’s kids. Many members have participated with the Sewing Society for several years. One family currently has five generations of quilters participating while another member, Helen Schmitt, has been volunteering at the home for over 50 years!

Ms. Helen was also awarded the WLKY’s 2016 Bell Award for her decades of service to St. Joe’s kids. Over her 50 years of membership to the Sewing Society, Ms. Helen has helped make pillowcases, blankets and quilts not only for St. Joe’s kids but also for the beloved quilt booth at the St. Joe’s annual picnic . We are so indebted not only to Helen Schmitt, but also to the entire Sewing Society who devotes so much time to supporting St. Joe’s kids. Read more about Helen’s WLKY Bell Award here.

Currently, members of the Sewing Society volunteer at St. Joe’s two days a week making quilts and other items which are raffled at the annual picnic to benefit St. Joe’s kids. However, picnic is not their only focus as they create and mend items for St. Joe’s kids across all programs. For the children in our Residential Treatment Program , members make a welcome blanket for the children when they first arrive to the home and embroider the child’s name in the corner so that they feel more at home as they adjust to their new environment. The Sewing Society also makes special quilts for the children served in our Therapeutic Foster Care and Adoption Program. For each child who is adopted at St. Joe’s, members make their adoption day even more special as they present a handmade quilt with the child’s family name as well as the date of their adoption at the courthouse (see pictured below). Finally, the Sewing Society makes needed materials for the children in our Child Development Center such as crib/cot sheets as well as bibs.

St. Joseph Sewing Society is always looking for new members and if interested, please click here to learn how you can become a member today. No sewing experience required and must be at least 14 years or older to join!



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