Read our latest newsletter for a celebration of the newest “forever families” created by our Foster Care and Adoption Program, recent activities our Residential children have participated in, the success of our Child Development Center, and one of our award-winning volunteers.

2017 has been a great year for St. Joe's kids as we have celebrated 10 adoptions so far this year with more on the way! 🎉🏡💞

Without the courage and love from our foster parents like the Dawkins family (see pictured), Kentucky's most abused and neglected children would be left without a home.

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Summer is officially here and St. Joe's kids have been making memories to last a life time! Here are some of their favorites so far...

"Playing messy games and making sandwiches on [my peers'] heads!"
- John (age 8)

"Getting to see all the animals up close at the Louisville Zoo! The elephant was my favorite!!"
- Lisa (age 10)

"Doing a back flip on the trampoline at House of Boom Extreme Air Sports"
- Michael (age 12)

"Going to the lake with Mr. Joe!"
- Richard (age 13)

"The soccer camp! We get our own cleats and shin guards, AND I stole the ball away from my peers like 10 times in one day!"
- Sara (age 11)

***All identities of St. Joe's kids are kept strictly confidential

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