“We made the right decision about who to trust with our childcare.”

What keeps kids – and their parents – excited about our Child Development Center? The Linn Family share their story.

Like many families, we selected our daycare long before our children were born, before we knew what their needs might be. After touring several daycares, St. Joe’s Child Development Center (CDC) quickly became our top choice. We were impressed with the center’s curriculum and child-centered approach, as well as the tenure of some of the staff. It has been five years since we first toured St. Joe’s, and we can say without a doubt that we made the right decision about who to trust with our childcare.

Our oldest child has developmental needs greater than his peers, so when the time came to send him to daycare, we were nervous about how it would go. Would his needs be met? Would the staff see and value our child for the blossoming individual he is? From the beginning, the CDC’s director, April Manning, worked with us to discuss our concerns before his first day to ensure things would go as smoothly as possible. When challenges have popped up over the years, April and assistant director Niela Cobble have had open conversations with us to develop creative solutions as a team.

As our son has moved through the program, each teacher has embraced working with our family. They have never hesitated to recognize his potential and champion his growth. Despite his communication and development needs, we never worry about his inclusion in activities and learning opportunities. Teachers and peers always greet him with a smile and hello. We send our children to St. Joe’s knowing they are supported, safe, and loved. We can’t imagine sending them anywhere else. 



P.S. Making a difference in the lives of our SJ families and kids is simple: donate, become a respite provider, or a foster parent.

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