We depend on the generosity of others.


Why Donate?

On any given day St. Joseph Children’s Home serves roughly 200 children throughout various programs. Children, who range in age from six weeks to 21 years, stay with us from as short as one month to many years.
our kids visit Hubers

St. Joseph Children’s Home is a nonprofit agency, and program fees cover 77% of what it costs to operate all services. Therefore, the agency depends on the generosity of individuals, foundations, corporations and other community partners across the United States to provide the remaining 23% of our budget. Your critical contributions help us maintain the work we do as we change lives, all in accordance with our mission of Giving Children a Home to children and families more than 200 children a day.

Please keep St. Joseph’s in mind as you plan your charitable contributions. All donations, no matter how big or small can make the difference in a child’s life.

Financial support is always welcomed as we strive to fulfill our mission in caring for children. The support we receive from the community and our donors has enabled St. Joseph’s to grow into the agency it is today, serving children with extreme needs.


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