Billy’s Bake Sale


SJ kid, “Billy,” (age 11) has lived at St. Joe’s for five months and struggles daily with Tourette’s syndrome. Billy was adopted at 18 months old but was given up to state’s custody by his adoptive parents because of his complex medical issues. His family said that they would not have adopted Billy if they knew he would “turn out this way” and have no further contact with him. Since coming to St. Joe’s, Billy has shown amazing therapeutic growth in the areas of speech, cognition, and emotion regulation. This spring, he learned of the state wide protest to the government’s budget cuts to education and wanted to do something to help his teachers. He didn’t feel it was right for his teachers to pay for most of their class materials and decided to host a bake sale to raise money for the school. Join us by baking an item and/or attending the bake sale on June 21st. As Billy says, “Have a bake sale, change the future!”




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